Frequently Asked Questions – MC SPECS

How do they stay on?
Simple! Our sunglasses have two small levers at the bridge. You pinch the levers together, which opens the nose pads, and clip the nose pads onto the bridge of your nose.

How will they fit my nose?
You can position them on a spot on your nose that is most comfortable for you. Each person and each nose is unique, therefore, some people prefer to wear them slightly below the bridge, while others, with a wider bone structure wear them right between the eyes. Play around with them and see what suits you best. They look great wherever you choose to wear them! That said, our sunglasses might not be for everyone. Our customers’ satisfaction is priority, therefore we offer no hassle, free shipping and returns on all orders within the US.

Why no arms?
Well, they look really AWESOME, and talk about being a great conversation starter. You'll definitely make a statement in these! Aside from aesthetics though, they relieve pressure from your temples and ears. This can be especially helpful when wearing hats, helmets, headphones or if you're prone to headaches. They're also great for those annoying tan lines and hair indentations. Additionally, you can comfortably lay on you side while wearing them without them breaking or digging into your temples.

What is your shipping and return policy?
We offer free shipping and returns within the United States.
Check out our Shipping & Returns page for more details.

For any other questions, feel free to reach out at

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